1. Anonymous:
    Are Bridgit and Shane planning to get engaged? they're so supportive to each other & adorable!

    There are no talks of that as of now.

    September 13th with 0 notes / Reblog
    can you post a shidgit 2014 rare?

    I’m waiting for the right time to.

    September 11th with 0 notes / Reblog
    Have you got any miley cyrus rare?

    A few, yea

    September 11th with 1 note / Reblog
  2. Anonymous:
    when are you going to post the jelena one?

    I never said I was going to post, I just said I had them.

    September 10th with 2 notes / Reblog
    hey i sent you an email with some rares I got, do you want to trade? I'm interested in Selena rares

    Emailed you back

    September 9th with 1 note / Reblog
    selena in a bikini in 2011?


    September 7th with 1 note / Reblog
    can you post a jelena rare from this year.

    I have some from January.

    September 7th with 2 notes / Reblog
  3. Justin & Selena at a wedding.